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Dear guests and collector colleagues,


originating from the collector scene by ourselves we have realized, that there are some gaps in the offers on the market. Especially the customized production of medal bars and a great number of order replicas are definitely missing.  We are zealous to expand our offers. We are highly interested in wishes and suggestions of our customers. It is our most important interest to get and keep good relations to our customers.

Many of the orders a collector would love to have are impossible to get or too expensive. We are trying to close the gaps other producers of affordable replicas left. To achieve our aim we are producing our replicas in small quantities just for you. Our focus at this are the orders of the Kingdom of Prussia, but also the other German imperial states. At the moment we are only be abled to offer you a very small quantity of orders but we will incrase our product range successive.

But what advantage do these single orders give? Of course they are very nice to looks at in the show case or the display cabinet. But they are most beautifully in their natural environment: unified with other orders on the medal bar, on the sash or at the neck ribbon.

We are proud to have more than ten years of experiences in making customized and handcrafted  medal bars. You can see a small number of examples of what we have done so far on this website. Create your own customized medal bar. Create the unique history of a German soldier in form of his awards. We endeavour to offer you a bright range of variations. We would be glad to help you planing your personal medal bar.

Besides our existing possibilities we are always planing new items. At the moment we are working on high quality embossed awarding documents.

We hope that you will find what you are looking for.


Yours sincerely,


Malte Sommer

CEO and collector